Gentoo Technologies offers the following services:


Computers desktops, laptops and tablets

Networks Copper, Fiber Optic and Wireless

Local and wide-area networks (LANS and WANS)

Data Center development from single servers to multiple virtual cloud servers

Security individual and corporate, both software and hardware based, platform and brand independent

Routers, gateways, modems, access points, switches and other core network equipment

Printers and plotters for everything from receipts and photographs to posters and banners

Scanners, cameras, microscopes, endoscopes, X-ray, ultrasonic and other image capturing devices

One- two- and three-factor authentication for individuals and devices

Backup and recovery of data and files for individuals and systems

Video Security systems with remote monitoring and recording

Audio/Visual production equipment and support for seminars, trade shows and conferences

Secure remote access for individuals and offices, including VPNs, remote control and remote desktops

Support for Windows, DOC, Linux, Android, and Mac operating platforms

Special programming and custom circuits in Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Python, batch and other environments and platforms