The Gentoo Technologies Story


In the late 1990’s Richard L. Talbot (Lee) and David Dolittle joined forces and started a company, Gentoo Technologies.

The name Gentoo was chosen due to the affinity the founders’ children had for penguins.

The Gentoo Penguin is a medium sized penguin, usually about 18-24” tall and lives in the middle of therange for penguin habitat, usually around the southern tip of South America and the northern shore of Anarctica.

Distinguishing features can be seen in our logo, drawn by R. L. Talbot, of a white stripe running from eye to eye across the top of the head, orange beak and orange feet.

In 2006, Russell Shock met with Lee and after discovering and discussing their similarities in business philosophy and client relationship nurturing, decided to join the company, bringing with him clientele from his independent technology company.

Since 2006, Gentoo Technologies has consisted of various team members, seeking long term beneficial business relationships with their clients.